The mkB Retrospective | Part 1 - The Original Demo

Added by Joseph Brady Wednesday 24th of February 2010

As it is coming up to the ten year anniversary of mkB I thought I'd launch this new website and revisit the unheard mkB material, namely all of it.

First off the ranks is the original demo which sparked international offers, a bidding war, and a journey which ultimately ended up with our entire catalogue being shelved like the Arc of The Covenant in Raiders.

In The year 2000 AD I received a call from my brother John. Apparently he had recorded a bunch of vocals of our youngest brother Mark and they were pretty out there and well worth checking.

The recordings, which I received in the mail a week later, had been made with some old radio shack microphone in my parent's kitchen over a click track. They came complete with the sounds of my mother cooking and my dad telling them to take the garbage out.

After spending the year tinkering with them on the back burner I had produced this album, which I gave to Mark as a Christmas Present.

Mark, who had no idea how the music industry functioned, made a burn of it and put it in the mail addressed to Tommy Boy Records New York. The only thing accompanying this burnt, unlabeled, CD-R was his email address and a post it note saying "I've been listening to Hip-Hop for five years, and I've been writing it for one."

What was to follow was an intensive music industry crash course.

But for now, here's the album.

mkB Original Demo 01 - Intro.mp3 (0.51 MB)

mkB Original Demo 02 - Cultivation.mp3 (3.75 MB)

mkB Original Demo 03 - MC Palace.mp3 (5.18 MB)

mkB Original Demo 04 - Heat Man.mp3 (4.99 MB)

mkB Original Demo 05 - 3rd Deks Theme.mp3 (2.76 MB)

mkB Original Demo 06 - SA Boy.mp3 (4.83 MB)

mkB Original Demo 07 - Higgledy Piggledy.mp3 (4.26 MB)

mkB Original Demo 08 - Super Deductive Man.mp3 (3.24 MB)

mkB Original Demo 09 - I Dont know.mp3 (5.29 MB)

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