I Wish I Was A Robot (Not Alive, But Not Dead)

Added by DubZenMelodist Saturday 13th of March 2010

This weekend i put together a collection of songs produced on the side during the Business As Usual heydays of 2006-2007. The album is hereby dubbed "I Wish I Was A Robot - Not Alive, But Not Dead" as i seem to recall this mantra, stolen from Mark, was my guiding principle of the time.

It is an exploration of digital, organic, tonal and rythmic textures organised into futurist and mythologic dreamings, singularities of intensity, expressions of heart, collages of moods; songs. It is released here online for your listening pleasure and your imagination. Please enjoy.

» Nitrous Oxide Afternoon
» Needsananeedsanariptewaneremo
» Woeful Transpirations of a certain Thursday
» Girl Fight (LSD Lullaby) (Featuring Tigarah)
» July
» Stare on Trains
» The Midnight Birthday Party of Death
» Not Alive, But Not Dead (Featuring Sunsound)
» Wooden Dentaku Machines, Draped in Coiling Flags
» Afternoon to Evening
» Spring Equinox
» Robot on Rubbish Tip Routinely Defragments
» Spoon Ran Away with the Moon (Featuring Sunsound)
» Hark! Hear You the Monkey King, Lamenting the Lost Moons
» The Mothed One

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